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Alcohol  Drug Information School (ADIS)


Drug and Alcohol Information




$90.00 (no checks accepted)



Participants learn about risks and consequences of alcohol and other drug use/abuse. Participants learn to reduce the harmful effects of negative behavior and increase personal responsibility. Call 360.943.8810 for reservations. 


This is an early intervention course intended to help people make positive changes to high risk attitudes and behaviors around alcohol and other drug use.


This program lasts a minimum of eight hours. It is educational and focuses on decision making, as well as psychological, sociological, physiological, and legal consequences of alcohol/drug consumption and traffic safety. The program is offered the second Saturday of each month. Classes are often full, so schedule promptly to ensure timely completion.


Not everyone who experiences trouble with alcohol and other drugs has the disease of addiction. In these cases, someone may be referred to Alcohol Drug Information School.

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